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On Stream Strategies: Fishing Dry Flies

On-stream fly fishing school:  Fishing Dry Flies and Seeing FishIt is hard to disagree with those fly fishers claim the only real way to catch a trout is with a dry fly. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from making a delicate presentation is only exceeded by the rush of adrenaline that occurs when a trout takes your fly. Mastering the techniques that are necessary to get a wily trout to rise is a skill that can be learned or honed to a fine edge. This ON STREAM STRATEGY will teach which fly to use, the subtleties of where on the stream to cast, and how to make your presentation in a way that will not spook your quarry. We will also help you develop your fish seeing skills by teaching you what to look for and how to recognize the characteristic signs of a trout.

Our Fishing Dry Flies and Seeing Fish ON STREAM STRATEGY is offered year round on the Current River.



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