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Chile Fly Fishing Adventures

Trout Stream in the Patagonia Region of ChileThe area surrounding Coyhaique, Chile is the heart of the Patagonian fly fishing experience and the Shangri-La of the trout fishing world.   It is one of those places that most of us have on our life list of place to go - it is indeed a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime.  But how does the average fly fisher do it without spend the children’s inheritance?

STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES has found the way by offering hosted trips to the area.  Our experience in Chile short cuts many of the costs and the fishing is so amazing that the only guide you need is information on where the best streams to fish are.  By eliminating the high expenses associated with supporting a fancy lodge and unneeded guide fees STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES bring Chile within casting distance. See our brochure, "Chile on the Cheap - An Adventure of a Lifetime" for our 2017 trip schedule and more details.

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Fly Fishing in Chile Frequently Asked Questions - are you thinking about taking a fly fishing trip to Chile with Stream Side Adventures? Our Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to many common questions about our Chile on the Cheap adventure, and how to prepare for your trip.

Norm Crisp's Feature Article - Fly Fishing in Chile, 2010Fly Fishing in Chile, 2010 - Read Norm's account of his return trip to the Patagonia region of Chile in 2010. Although the weather was less than desirable, he did enjoy some excellent fly fishing. Enjoy his photos on Chile fly fishing, the scenery of Chile, and the soul of Chile. Read more...

Fly Selection for Chile Fly Fishing Adventures - the fly you will want to take with you are not that much different than those you would find on the fly board in any western fly shop. Our experience tells us that the majority of your fishing will be with dries and terrestrials.

Fly fishing in Chile - Patagonia region near Coyhaique, ChileFly Fishing Chile – On My Own. Norm Crisp’s account of his week spent fly fishing the central Patagonia area of Chile on his own. Norm’s experiences may make you re-think the idea of spending nearly $700 dollars a day when you can do it for under $100 without sacrificing good fishing... Read more...