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Fly Fish Mongolia - the Land of Genghis Khan

Fly Fishing the Trout Streams of MongoliaSTREAM SIDE ADVENTURES is adding a new location for a fly fishing adventure – Mongolia! We are proud to now introduce our Mongolia Flyfishing Adventure. Like all of our other STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES trips, this adventure will not only give you the opportunity to fly fish for the exotic Taimen, Lenox and Grayling in a remote area but also experience this special place.

Travel by Russian jeeps and horse back to rivers that are rarely if ever fished, stay in gers and enjoy the hospitality of this breathtaking land. Like all STREAM SIDE ADVENTUTRES’ trips, it will be within your budget!

See our brochure, "Affordable Mongolia - An Adventure of a Lifetime" for our 2013 trip schedule and more details.

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Flyfishing in Mongolia"The Countryside of Mongolia" Slideshow - There is something very intriguing about this vast country of Mongolia.  Just slightly smaller than Alaska and with a population density of less than 1 person per square mile, under the great Khan it ruled much of the world.  Today with its vast mineral deposits and strategic location between China to the south and Russia to the north, Mongolia is re-emerging onto the world stage.    These photos barely begin to capture this immense land...

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