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Stream Side Adventure Videos

Flyfishing in Mongolia - In 2012 Norm Crisp of Stream Side Adventures finally managed to take his long-anticipated flyfishing adventure in Mongolia...

Norm and Gerlof - Join Norm Crisp and his friend Gerlof as they flyfish in the Patagonia region of Chile during Norm's 2012"Chile on the Cheap" adventure.

Fly Fishing Wyoming - Join the Stream Side Adventures team as they lead guided fly fishing trips through the Upper North Platte River valley of south-central Wyoming during the summer of 2009.

Line Management: What to do After the Cast - Controlling your line while fishing on a stream is much different than line management when practicing - or even fishing on a pond. Learn about line management while stream fishing...

Playing Fish - What are you going to do with a fish once he takes the fly? Why hook a fish if you don't know how to land it?

Collecting Stream Life for Better Nymph Fishing - If you want the best success in fly fishing - with dry flies or nymphs - you have to "match the hatch". Norm Crisp shows you how to use this technique effectively.

Mending and Line Control for Nymphing - Norm Crisp demonstrates how to effectively mend your line when nymph fishing. Mastering the mend requires good technique, as well as an understanding of river hydraulics and how they affect your line. Learn from the "Wiz"...

North Fork of the Little Snake River - Join Norm Crisp in fly fishing for Colorado River Cutthroats in one of the most beautiful trout streams of the U.S. - the North Fork of the Little Snake River in Wyoming.


Norm's instructional fly fishing videos are
produced by Tom James of
Black Dog Sports.

Fly Fishing Videos

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