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Norm's Recommendations

After countless questions such as "what fly rod should I buy" or "what should I take with me on my fly fishing adventure to Chile" (with Streamside Adventures, of course), we've decided to make it easier for you with the launch of our new feature, "Norm Recommends...". For your convenience, we're not only listing the specific equipment that Norm recommends, but we're also giving you to opportunity to purchase it online! And, recognizing that budget constraints may affect you, we've tried to provide a selection of items to fit your price range.

Of course, you don't have to purchase it online - we offer this merely as a convenience. Feel free to shop around, but please remember that each brand and model of every item we list is specifically chosen by Norm - substitute at your own risk.

Please bear with us - we're in our infancy at this point. Although we only have limited recommendations for a few items at this point, we will be expanding. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be adding many more "general" equipment categories, and specific recommendations for our Wyoming, Chile and Mongolia fly fishing adventures.

Currently we have "Norm's Recommendations for:

Check back often - we will be working diligently to add more categories and items to this list of recommended equipment.

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Norm Recommends...