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From Our Fly Fishing Guests...

Frank Kelly

"I would just like to say that the trip to Chile in January was the best dry fly fishing trip I have ever had. The whole 9 days of fishing was great. I have been to the Coyhaique area in Chile to fish 4 times over the years. Two of those trips have been with lodges and two with you. The lodge experiences were fine but the time spent dry fly fishing was less than I would have liked. Most of the time was spent in a raft either streamer or indicator fishing. It is nice staying on a river and the amenities were good, but, you still have to drive somewhere most days to where you launch.

With Stream Side Adventures all the fishing was on small rivers or streams. We had to drive 30-90 min to our fishing destinations but we didn't have to get up early (because the fish didn't) and the scenery was great. We would have plenty of time to fish and I never felt like a day was short. I guess you might catch bigger trout on bigger water from a raft, but, having the occasional 20+" wild Brown was big enough for me.

Finally, I fish for fun and it doesn't get any more fun than having trout come up to big drys all day long!! "

Stan Tucker

"I want to thank Norm and his son Ethan, the owners of STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES, for a very enjoyable fly fishing adventure this February. I say adventure because when you fish with Norm and Ethan you are going to travel to off the beaten track of the area around Coyhaique traveling to the numerous streams they know intimately fish. If you enjoy dry fly fishing you will enjoy fishing on these streams; there was lots of fish to catch and it was never boring.

The comradery that I experienced with Norm and Ethan was wonderful; to spend 2 weeks fishing with 2 people that have the same passion makes the experience that much better. This was my third trip with Norm and I had the same experience on each of the trips. The locals are very friendly and the scenery is truly National Geographic; be prepared to be awed. Thanks for making my winter. "

Bill Whitesell

"Norm Crisp and the others with Stream Side Adventures are by far the best group of fishing guides I have ever been around. We took a trip with them in Wyoming July 2008. The fishing of course was great but the experience was even better. I had the unfortunate situation of losing the key to my car after an amazing day of fishing. Panicking about how I was ever getting home let alone back to my hotel, Norm let us use one of his vehicle. This was above and beyond what I would have expected. Thanks to Normís help, I was able to get a key made and returned to Kansas City on time. And they hosted a camp dinner one evening for us and another group of their clients. A spaghetti dinner cooked and served outdoors by the river, good wine and great comradely was incredible.

I have hired many guides to take me "fishing". With Norm I got an ADVENTURE. I can't thank him enough for his help, hospitality and of course the great fishing in the high country of Wyoming. Hiking Moose trails to navigate a stream is something I'll never forget. Thank you Norm and company for an unforgettable trip and I look forward to our next adventure together. "

Paul Bennetts, Olathe, KS

"Norm is a true predator of brown trout and he approaches fishing on the Current River with all the zeal of a heat seeking missile zeroing in on its target. Norm patient persistence with us was far above and beyond the call of duty as outlined in the fly-fishers Book of Guide Etiquette."

Marvin Feagan, Leawood, KS

"Norm - Just thought I'd let you see what I'm telling my friends about the trip. Fishing was great! We caught over 20 fish and had several others on for a fight before escaping because of the barbless hooks we were using. Our first streamside lunch was smoked chicken caesar salad followed the next day by a large sub sandwich. At trips end, after all was packed away, he broke out a bottle of Cabernet and we drank a toast to the adventure we had."

Ted Bowman, Raytown, MO

"Norm and Georgiana have added to the pleasure of the sport of fly-fishing through their patients, friendship and experience. They are very experience and very willing to share their love of the outdoors and fly-fishing. They do it as friends and not superiors. In fact the clients of STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES are treated more as a large circle of friends than as a customer base."

Jim Harpool and Nancy Pede Harpool, Overland Park, KS

"As the year draws to a close, Nancy and I want to thank you both and tell you how much we have enjoyed fly fishing lessons, the numerous trips to southern Missouri and in particular the Wyoming trip. The trips, the lunches on the river, the wine and food at the end of the day and the dinners we have shared have all been special. The professionalism with a heavy dose of fun sets STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES apart from all our other fishing experiences."

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