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Fly Fishing Tips: The Basic Fly Box

Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques: The Basic Fly BoxOne of the great arguments of the world, one that ranks up there "the chicken or the egg", is "presentation vs. pattern". Years of experience fly fishing throughout the world has convinced us that presentation is more important and you can fish any place with a very simple fly box. Here is our basic box.

  Dry Flies:

Elk Hair Caddis; brown and olive - sizes 14 and 18
Adams - sizes 14, 16 and 18
Blue Wing Olive - sizes 16, 18 and 20
Royal Wulff - sizes 12 and 16
Griffith's Gnat - sizes 20 and 22

  Nymphs: Hare's Ear - sizes 14 and 16
Pheasant Tail - sizes 16 and 18
Prince Nymph - sizes 14 and 16
  Others: Wolly Bugger; black and olive - sizes 8 and 10
Mickey Fin - sizes 6 and 10
Thunder Creek; rust and white - sizes 8 and 10


From time to time you will need a special fly because of the particular location or the time of the year. I would never step into a Missouri trout stream without a box full of Mike's Mohair Leeches, Colorado's Frying Pan without some Mysis Shrimp or any Wyoming stream during the fall without a Madam X or ten. Just pack a few local special pattern before you leave or stop at a fly shop at your destination. If time permits we like to call a local shop and ask what they think will be hot while I'm there. We follow up my call with a note and a check for 10 or 15 dollars. In the note ask them to send me some of the local pattens you may need. The flies they send act as "examples" at the tying bench. Stop at the shop and re-introduce yourself. More often then not it will lead to some tips that most visiting fishermen won't get.





















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